Bathroom Design and Product Procurement

$2400 USD


  • Package Price is for Design Fee Only
  • Detailed Design Process

This package provides you with every detail you need to build a new and more “you” space! As we work together, I will present you with the best options to make the most of the budget we have created.

Is this the right package for me?

  • I’m looking for more hands-on help
  • I’m comfortable handling the management of the project if I have all the materials and a detailed design plan

What this package includes:

  • Accurate Measurements of the Space
  • Detailed Floor Plan and Elevations to Scale
  • Custom Color palette and paint selection for the space
  • Complete Lighting and Electrical Plan
  • Trade Day (if necessary)
  • Road Trips to local trusted vendors
  • Up to 5 detailed renderings of the space
  • Comprehensive Budget Plan
  • Materials Sourcing plan and materials schedule with trusted vendors
  • In Person Design Plan Presentation

Design Pricing is per space ie__. one kitchen, one bathroom.

Price does not include finished materials.

  1.  After an initial consultation, I’ll come to your home to measure the space and assess your needs. During this meeting, we will discuss your budget, functional requirements, and style preferences. To ensure the best possible outcome, we strongly recommend that everyone involved in the project attend the meeting to express their needs and preferences.

  2.  Over the next 3-4 weeks, I will work on a design plan based on our meeting. During this time, you and I will visit with trusted local vendors to finalize selections for products including tile, fixtures, countertops, etc. If necessary, we may also meet with additional tradespeople at your home to determine the feasibility of this design plan. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your everyday routine as much as possible.

  3.  When the design is complete, we will meet in the comfort of your own home for a design presentation. We will review it in detail to answer any questions you may have. This discussion will cover the placement of installed materials and final budget details.

  4.  After the design presentation you may follow-up with me over 2-3 emails to get additional clarification on the design plan. I can also make one revision to your floor plan and rendering(s) if you wish to see something laid out differently. My goal is a finished design that will allow you to execute the installation and project management of your renovation.